My 365 day project…

Everyday, since January 1, 2014, I have been taking a photo and digitally putting it into a self-publish book.  Some days I’ve had a plethora of photos to choose from and other days I’ve struggled to come up with the one photo that will represent the day, more or less.   I’ve given each photo a date, the number of days into the year it represents and a caption.  By the way, today is day #146…

It’s been an interesting journey that has brought on challenges that I had not expected, which surprisingly has NOT been to remember to take a photo and digitally upload it into the book on a daily basis.  Initially, I tried to outdo myself daily, each photo upping the last, most of them scenic, none of them boring, but 146 days into the project, I know now that the days that I think I’ve got nothing, are the days that I find myself slowing down, listening and simply observing and I’m always surprised with what I end up with.  They are usually the days with the photos I’m most proud of.

The process has given me a different lens to view my day through (pun intended)… and through that lens, I’m finding the beauty in places and situations that I never noticed before….
Unexpected bonuses.
Open eyes.

Here are a few of my favorites…

Day #1


Day #36


Day #37
Day #71


Day #77
Day #91
Day #114
Day #146


2 thoughts on “My 365 day project…”

  1. Love all of these! One of these days I will figure out my camera so I can take better pictures. I bought it years ago to take action shots of the boys in college sports, but now my focus has changed. No pun intended. Maybe someday you can show me how it really works. Love reading your stories too. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Mary Lynn! I've forgotten so much about using a "real" camera…but would be happy to play with it with you. Actually most of these were taken with my phone.. only a few with a digital SLR. By the way, Day #86 is the photo Don took of us together in Frisco 🙂

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